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August 2017

July 2017

  • Added 442c Wauna La-Mon'tay items.

  • Added the 2017 Jamboree patches, two 2005 Jamboree Patrol Emblems, SA-149, SA-150, SA-165 and 2017 Klondike Derby patches to the Cascade Pacific Council page.  Fixed the numbering of patches on that page, per ISCA Journal lists.

  • Added to the Miscellaneous page:  253 Tsisqan Conclave W-1S 2016 Host Lodge, Spirit Lake leather camper's participation dangle, two Spirit Lake participation segments, red Gilbert Ranch at Butte Creek Camp Leader Award.

  • Added the Air Scout Mechanic error strip.

  • Added the Camp Meriwether 2001 camper participation patch.

  • Added the 2016 Conclave patch set to the Section W-1S page.

July 2016

  • Added 442c Wauna La-Mon'tay eX2016-1, eX2016-2, 2016 Ed Harris Memorial TOR flap, the Centennial flap and the two 2016 Tyler Inberg Home of the National Vice Chief flaps.

  • Added Cascade Pacific 2016 Silver Beaver CSP, 2015 Founder's Day handout (image burned on wood), and a (roughly) rectangular 90th Anniversary patch.  Added the Centennial Collection (2016).

December 2015

  • Added W-1S 2015 Conclave items:  Auction $50 Donor, Spirit Award, Museum Staff (50 made), Museum Staff neckerchief (24 made), Participant, Staff, Jacket patch, Museum (a Trading Post item), and wooden nickel.

  • Added 5-piece 2007 21st World Jamboree set and 253 Tsisqan Host Lodge (for 2015 W-1S Conclave) to the Miscellaneous page.

  • Added 442c Wauna La-Mon'tay ex2015-4 (Leadership Development Conference).

  • Added Cascade Pacific 2015 Silver Beaver, Wood Badge (200 made), Ed Harris Memorial TOR, and 23rd World Jamboree.

  • Added two 1960's-era Camp Meriwether staff neckerchiefs.

July 2015

June 2015

April 2015

  • Added Wauna La-Mon'tay (442c) Nick Dannemiller GMY-border "Home of the 2014 National Chief" flap.

  • Added W-1S 2015 Council of Chiefs "Conclave Committee" pocket dangle arrowhead.

March 2015

December 2014

  • Added pictures for some of the "picture pending" items.  Addition of three mugs and two minor patches.

September 2014

October 2013

November 2012

  • I've been unloading a LOT of my collection both privately and via eBay.

October 2012

  • Updated with acquisitions from the past few months, including:

    • 442c Wauna La-Mon'tay 2012 NOAC sets (three 2-piece sets)

    • 2012 W-1S Ktemaque University patches and 2012 W-1S Conclave patches

    • Additional Air Explorer items

    • Some new Eagle Scout CSPs

    • Oregon Trail Council 2012 5-piece set (2 black-bordered and three others - of those three, only 100, 100 and 50 were made, respectively)


June 2012

  • From my lodge (442c Wauna La-Mon'tay) and council (Cascade Pacific):

    • The 2012 NOAC set, #29 and #30 of 100.  The set is two pair (a flap and a large pocket chevron).  They're primarily red, black and orange, a bear (the lodge totem) in front of a roaring fire in the woods.  The bear in the first set is standing silently, the bear in the second set is growling with its claws out.  A very nice design!

    • The 2012 NOAC fundraising set; the "polar bear" set, of which only 100 were made.

    • The 2012 Ed Harris Memorial patch set.  It's a flap and a CSP, both with the text "Ed Harris Memorial."

    • The 2012 Silver Beaver Court of Honor CSP.

  • Other acquisitions:

    • Cornelius RWS city strip

    • 253a Tsisqan 2012 NOAC fundraiser

    • 253a Tsisqan S37

    • "Explorer Air Encampment," "Portland Air Force Base"

    • Air Scout Craftsman - Navigation strip

    • Air Explorer patch set - "E" emblem only, Mechanic, Flight Attendant, Ground Support, Private Pilot, Student Pilot and Airport Management

    • Air Scout merit badge pamphlets:  Aerodynamics and Airplane Structure

    • Swimming square merit badge

    • Cascade Pacific Council Camp Leader Award for Cub World (adult summer camp leader of a Pack)

    • Eagle Scout CSPs:  W.D. Boyce SU-X

    • Philmont 2000 NOAC National Endowment Staff "Heritage Center" arrowhead

    • Cascade Pacific Council 1997 National Jamboree Troop 632 myrtlewood "CSP"

    • South Florida Council 2011 Eagle Scout 2-piece CSP set (Eagle Scout 2011 and Eagle Sponsor)

    • Great Alaska Council SA-3 "2006 Eagle Scout" CSP

    • Northeast Georgia SA-? 2012 Eagle Scout CSP

    • Piedmont SA-? Eagle Scout CSP

    • Yucca Council 2012 3-CSP set (red, white and blue-bordered CSPs)

    • Air Ace 4-propeller patch!

  • Updated the First Flaps page with the box-design layout

April 2012

  • Re-organized most of the pages into a grid display, making the pages shorter (in page length) and easier to print.  It also permits me to group the patches more easily.

  • Updated the Duplicates page.

  • Filled the "picture pending" spots on my Eagle Scout CSP collection page.

  • Acquired the 2011-2016 Camp Meriwether patch set and the 442c (but titled Cole Snass Lamatai) gold mylar-bordered Camp Pioneer 75th Anniversary flap (50 made).

  • Added pictures for the March & April acquisitions!

March 2012

  • Updated the Duplicates page.  Updated the First Flaps page with lodge closure dates and my "needs."

  • Added information to the 2010 National Jamboree page detailing the number of patches produced for Cascade Pacific Council.  This information came from the people in the council who were directly responsible for ordering & designing the patches, so I know this information is accurate.

  • Added these issues to my Eagle Scout CSP collection due to a large trade:  Annawon SA-27, Baltimore Area SA-New (2010), Black Hills Area PA-19, Blue Grass SA-? (2010), Blue Ridge SA-23, Boston Minuteman SA-38 & SA-?, Buckeye SA-38, Bucks County SA-90, Buckskin SA-? red mylar border, Buffalo Trace SA-33, Buffalo Trail SA-17, Cherokee Area (OK) SA-23, Cradle of Liberty SA-49, Daniel Boone 2010, Central New Jersey SA-27, Detroit Area SA-69, SA-70, SA-71, SA-72, SA-73, SA-74, SA-75 & SA-161, East Carolina SA-19, Erie Shores SA-23 & SA-24, Georgia-Carolina SA-25, Great Lakes SA-18, Greater Alabama SA-35, Greater Pittsburgh SA-44, SA-48 & SA-57, Hoosier Trails SA-15, Lake Huron Area SA-? (2010) & SA-? (2010), Mason-Dixon SA-31, SA-32, SA-51, SA-52 & SA-53, Mecklenburg County SA-23, Mobile Area SA-15, Monmouth SA-34, Northeast Illinois SA-23, Old Colony SA-55, Penn's Woods SA-10, Pennsylvania Dutch SA-18, Piedmont (NC) SA-41, Pikes Peak SA-18, Potawatomi Area SA-159, SA-221, SA-245 & SA-246, San Francisco Bay Area SA-17, Seneca Waterways SA-?, Sequoyah SA-27 (mis-spelled "Seqouyah"), Sequoyah SA-28, Sequoyah SA-? 75th Anniversary, Simon Kenton SA-151, SA-186 & SA-211, Southwest Florida SA-17 & SA-23, Three Fires SA-16, Tidewater SA-37 & SA-43, Transatlantic SA-57, W.D. Boyce SU-Y, Westark Area SA-38, Western Colorado SA-100, SA-113 & SA-130, Westmoreland Fayette SA-7 & SA-10, Yankee Clipper SA-33.  Also added Crossroads of America SA-? (2012).  Also added Boston Minuteman SA-85 from another trade, Aloha SA-? (2012), Daniel Boone SA-10 & SA-14, Pacific Skyline SA-? (2012) and Puerto Rico SA-? (2011).

    • Also added the gold mylar-border version of the Pacific Skyline Sea Scouts Centennial 2012 patch (100 made); the gold-border version is available only to Quartermasters in the council.

  • Added an Air Scout Apprentice (no words), Air Scout Craftsman Airman & Builder strips, Air Scout Ace Navigation strip and four Air Explorer patches (Flight Attendant, Mechanic, Ground Support and Airport Management) to my Air Scouts collection.

  • Added the 1973 Conclave patch to my Section W-1S (Section W-1A, Area 1) collection.

  • Added the eX2012-2 (2012 Rendezvous) Wauna La-Mon'tay 442 patch.

  • Added the James E. West FOS round to my Cascade Pacific Council collection.

February 2012

  • Updated the Duplicates page; added some Eagle Scout CSP duplicates.

  • Added these issues to my Eagle Scout CSP collection:  Buckeye SA-(2011), Old Colony SA-54.

  • Added the eX2012-1 (2012 NAACS) Wauna La-Mon'tay 442 patch.

January 2012

  • In a very fun trading session with a splendid & generous NW trader friend, I got:

    •   Two new felt Camp Meriwether camp site strips:  Camp Millard & David Douglas

    •   1975 Area 1A Conclave rectangle - thus filling a hole in my Section W-1S (W-1A, 11-A, 1-A) collection

    •   Columbia Pacific Council T-8 - a very hard-to-find piece I've long wanted to help fill my collection

    •   Four previously unknown (to me - and they're not in the Aid To Collecting CSPs book) - Cascade Pacific Council Venturing 2008 patches.  These are prototypes, so are not official issues.  They're all the same as the SA-85 & SA-86 "Decade of Adventure" patches, but only 10 of each were made.  The four are distinguished by different border colors:  red, blue, silver mylar and gold mylar.

  • Removed the Needs page - my needs are better-identified within the other specific pages.

  • Added these issues to my Eagle Scout CSP collection:  Buckskin SA-28 & SA-30, Crossroads of America SA-75 & SA-79, Hawk Mountain SA-39, SA-52 & SA-? (2011), Indian Nations SA-38, SA-45, SA-49, SA-52 & SA-55, Las Vegas Area SA-?, Orange County SA-210, Piedmont (NC) SA-45, Pacific Skyline SA-15, Pikes Peak SA-27, Puerto Rico SA-47 & TA-88, Revolutionary Trails SA-14, SA-19 & SA-24, Sequoyah SA-31, Shawnee Trails SA-14 and Westmoreland Fayette SA-11.

  • Added to my First Flaps collection:  57d Allohak Menewi S-1 and 114b Nisha Kittan S-1.

December 2011

  • Updated the Duplicates page (added more pictures and removed some items which have been traded/sold to people), and added some Eagle Scout CSP duplicates.  Updated my Needs list accordingly.

  • Added these issues to my Eagle Scout CSP collection:  Buckeye SA-49, Buckskin SA-21, East Carolina SA-25, Hoosier Trails SA-17, Moraine Trails SA-24, Old Colony SA-50, SA-51 & SA-51:1, Simon Kenton SA-170 & SA-? 2011, SE Wisconsin SA-15, Yucca SA-31 & SA-45.

  • Added Takoda lodge's First Flap (their S1/X1 2006 NOAC pair) to my First Flaps collection.

  • Added the eX2011-1 (NAACS) and eX2011-2 (Rendezvous) patches to my 442 Wauna La-Mon'tay collection.

  • Added some First CSPs:  Attakapas T-1a, Des Plaines Valley S-1a, Great Sauk Trail S-1, Greater Lowell T-1, Idaho Panhandle T-1, Inland Empire T-1, Istrouma Area T-1, Lincoln Trails T-1, Longhouse S-1, Mo-Kan Area S-1, Nashua Valley S-1a, & Ouachita Area S-1.

  • Added the SA-121 and SA-122 2011 Eagle Scout issues to my Cascade Pacific Council collection.

  • Added the Camp Meriwether "Real Man's Polar Bear Swim" and "100 Years of Scouting" issues to my collection.

November 2011

  • Updated the Duplicates page (added more pictures and removed some items which have been traded/sold to people).  Updated my Needs list accordingly.

  • Received some new patches in trade, and accordingly updated the 2010 Jamboree page (Cascade Pacific, Central Florida and general Jamboree issues).  Also received a Camp Meriwether "Vi Et Consilio" segment, Cascade Pacific gold mylar-border "Camp Pioneer" issue, and some other pieces.

  • Updated my Eagle Scout CSP page to include all issues listed in ISCA's July 11, 2011 list.  Unfortunately, that creates a lot of "needs" for me!  Added these ones, though:  Alabama-Florida SA-15, Annawon 2010, Baden-Powell SA-32, Black Hills Area PA-18, Blue Grass SA-41, Boston Minuteman SA-?, Buffalo Trace SA-29 & SA-36, Buffalo Trail SA-?, California Inland Empire SA-160, SA-161 & SA-?, Central Georgia SA-8, Chester County SA-13, Chief Cornplanter SA-11, Coastal Empire SA-12, SA-13 & SA-14, Cradle of Liberty SA-47, Crossroads of America SA-87, SA-97 & SA-?, GNYC Staten Island SA-15, Great Trail TA-41, Gulf Stream SA-35, SA-36 & SA-37a, Heart of Ohio SA-? (2010), Hiawatha Seaway SA-120, Hoosier Trails SA-19, SA-24, SA-25 & SA-? (2010), Inland Northwest SA-83, Lake Huron SA-10 & SA-11, Last Frontier SA-? (with matching 133 Ma Nu flap), Occoneechee 2011, Old Colony SA-42, Orange County SA-95 & SA-164, Pacific Skyline SA-16, Potawatomi SA-187, Santa Fe Trail SA-19 and Connecticut Yankee SA-?.

  • Added a "need" to the Cascade Pacific (and Needs) page; apparently Camp Meriwether issued its own CSP in 2010, for "STAFF," and made about 50-60 of them and gave them only to staff members.

  • Updated my First Flaps page to include ISCA's October 10, 2011 list of first flaps.

  • Added a Philmont 2011 Rayado Staff Reunion patch.

  • Added the 2009 NOAC flap & pocket piece from 491b Lo La 'Qam Geela to my collection.

  • Filled-in my 2010 National Jamboree set of Central Florida Council with the Tipisa 326 "guitar" flap.

  • Added the Meriwether Lewis 2011 oval patch to my Camp Meriwether collection.

  • Received a green-ribbon Lewis & Clark medal from a generous collector friend.  A prototype?  Added it to the Cascade Pacific page along with the other Lewis & Clark CSPs and medals.

  • Added the 2008 Rendezvous, 2010 LDC and 2011 LDC Wauna La-Mon'tay 442 patches to my collection.

  • Added the S-53 flap to my Tsisqan 253 collection.

October 2011

September - October 2011

November 2006

  •   New pieces...

October 2006

September 2006

  •   New pieces...

    •  Philmont:  OA5a, OA6 (without loop), OA23, TP1b, TP4b, TP8, TP13, TP25, LP3a, HA3, JLT8

    •  442b Skyloo:  Thunderbird Chapter R1

August 2006

  •   New pieces...

July 2006

  •   New pieces...

    •  First Flaps:  57a S-1, 80b S1, 109a F-1a, 109c F1a, 110b S1, 112a F1, 124b S-1, 129b S1a, 145a F1a, 161c S1, 165a F1a, 171d S-1, 179a S1, 184a F1a, 211a F1a, 223a F1, 257a F1, 262a S-1, 426a S1, 490a F1a, 494a F1, 561a S1a

    •  First CSPs:  Abraham Lincoln S1, Choctaw Area S-1, Cornhusker T-1, San Diego-Imperial S-1

    •  Cascade Pacific Council 2006 Council Court of Honor

    •  Eagle Scout CSPs:  Baden-Powell, Coastal Carolina, GNYC-Bronx SA-9, Simon Kenton 2006

    •  Philmont:  AH2f(?), PG12, PG41, TC52a, PTC Kwahadi Dancers 100 Performances, Lover's Leap, Cathedral Rock, Training Center Stockade, 1971 "Expedition L.C.C." hat diamond

    •  Square merit badges:  Basketry, Botany, Lifesaving, Marksmanship, Physical Development, Safety, Wood Carving

    •  W-1A 1986 NOAC stickers, 1984 "I Made Fire by Friction" conclave ribbon

June 2006

  •   New pieces...

    •  Philmont:  ADV (2006), AH2a, BC16, BC17, BC18, BC19, BC20, BC21, BC22, BC23, BC24, BC25, BC26, BC27, DO1a, DO2, DO3, DO4, DO5, DO6, LP2, OA42a, OA42b, PG16, PG18, RG6b, TC7, TC82, TP10, TP35

    •  First Flaps:  4a F1, 15c S1, 170b F1a, 186a F1, 223b F1, 247a F1a, 252a F1a, 284a F1, 362a F1a, 369b F1, 424c S1a, 490a F1c, 533a F1, 567b F1

    •  First CSPs:  Housatonic S1

    •  Eagle Scout CSPs:  Ventura County 2004, 2005 & 2006

    •  Square merit badge:  Metalwork

    •   442b Skyloo F3a

May 2006

April 2006

  •   New pieces...

    •  Eagle Scout CSPs:  Baltimore Area 2006, Bucks County 2006, Buffalo Trace 2006, GNYC Staten Island/Yankees logo, Jersey Shore white & red borders, Revolutionary Trails SA6, Sequoyah 2006, Western Colorado 2006 (1), Western Colorado 2006 (2)

    •  Philmont:  AH15b, RE28, PG21b, ST18, ST24, ST26, TC1, TP6a

    •  First Flaps:  396c F-1a, 404a S-1a, 503a F-1b, 558b S-1a

    •  RWS:  Ore. khaki/red

  •   Added more scanned pictures

March 2006

  •   New pieces...

  •   Added more scanned pictures (most of the acquisitions over the past few months)

February 2006

January 2006

  •   New pieces...

    •  First CSPs:  Allegheny Highlands, Chickasaw, Chief Cornplanter, Coronado Area, Cradle of Liberty, Daniel Boone, Des Plaines, Desert Trails, DS-Kiev/Ukraine, DS-Santiago Chile, DS-South Africa, East Texas, 49er, Great Trails (MA), GNYC/Bronx, Grayback, Greater Yosemite, Iroquois Trail, Jayhawk Area, Last Frontier, Louisiana Purchase, Miami Valley, Modoc Area, Mount Baker Area, National Trail, New York City, Northern New Jersey, Northern Star, Pacific Harbors, Penn's Woods, Southeast Alaska, Tennessee Valley, Tri-State Area

    •  First Flaps:  136b S-1, 201b S-1, 241b W-1, 395b F1b, 404a S-1b, 480a F-1a

    •  Eagle Scout CSPs:  Connecticut Rivers SA-16, Potawatomi Area SA-91, SA-92 & SA-93

    •  Philmont:  PSA 2003 Reunion #18/30, LP11, PSA21, OA16a, OA16b, OA17, OA18, 1995 OA Retreat neckerchief, AH4, AH6

    •  442c Wauna La-Mon'tay:  YF-1, eX2006-1

December  2005

  •   Reorganized the Philmont pages into sections, to speed loading times and html editing times.

  •   New pieces...

    •  Trader Bill:  AN F5, BR F1, BR F2, BR F4, BR F5, CS F5a, FO F?, OH F1b, OH F2, SPW F2, UN F1, WB F2

November  2005

  •   New pieces...

    •  First CSPs:  Canal Zone T-1, Cape Cod & Islands S-1a

    •  442c Wauna La-Mon'tay:  2005 LDC (with & without pocket loops)

    •  Eagle Scout CSPs:  Connecticut Yankee (like SA-24, but with white border)

    •  Philmont:  ADV9a, AN11, HA5, HA6, HA8, MU3b, TC67, PSA round WHT border w/yellow pocket tab

October  2005

September  2005

  •   Finally got around to adding scans of most of the pieces from this year.

  •   Reorganized the site's pages.

  •   New pieces...

    •  Philmont:  AH2d, ADV14, TC44, OA14, OA22b, OA22c, OA39, PG37, ST20, TC22a, 2005 National Scout Jamboree Philmont Staff Reunion (round), Philmont Staff Association Reunion at the Jamboree 2005 (rectangle), 2001 National Scout Jamboree (key-shaped), Enjoy The 2001 National Scout Jamboree, 2005 TC Cub Scout 9-piece set

    •  Cascade Pacific Council 2005 National Jamboree Thank-You GMY-border set (flap, CSP, chevron)

    •  First Flaps:  216b Nampa-Tsi S1a, 251a Hoh-Squa-Sa-Gah-Da F1a, 431a Witauchsundin F1

    •  442c Wauna La-Mon'tay S-52

    •  Section W-1A 2005 Conclave items:  Ktemaque University Professor's lapel pin, participant chenille, Patron chenille, spirit award, participant patch, staff patch, donor patch, Professor "degree" and Doctoral "degree"

    •  Eagle Scout CSPs:  Gulf Ridge 2005 1st & 2nd Issues, Knox Trail SA-10, Pine Tree 2005

August  2005

  •   New pieces...

    •  Philmont:  2005 Jamboree/Philmont Staff Reunion, 2005 PSA 1,000 Hours of Service, AH15a, MU13, PSA12, PSA15, PSA17

July  2005

  •   New pieces...

    •  Cascade Pacific Council SA-64

    •  Philmont:  ADV4, ADV?? (2005), OA30, PG20, PG33, TC84a-k, TC91a-q, OA46, WB05

    •  Square merit badge:  Leathercraft, Reptile Study

    •  Eagle Scout CSPs:  Blue Ridge, Cape Cod & Islands, GNYC Staten Island SA-5, Simon Kenton 2005, South Florida 2005, Theodore Roosevelt (NY) SA-4

    •  First Flaps:  309c The Grand Monadnock, 316a Quekolis, 362a Ken-Etiwa-Pec

    •  CSPs:  Las Vegas Area S-2

    •  Camp Meriwether segment on Portland Area Council/Camper round

June  2005

  •   New pieces...

    •  Philmont:  ADV1, ADV2, ADV6b, ADV8, ADV11, ADV12, AN2, AN3, OA6, OA26b, PG39, TC15, TC25, TC38a-m, TP23, two 2001 Jamboree pieces

    •  First CSPs:  Grand Teton S-1, Great Southwest S-1a, Hiawatha Seaway S-1, Keystone Area T-1a, Las Vegas Area S-1, Suwannee River Area T-1

    •  Square merit badge:  Horsemanship

    •  Eagle Scout CSPs:  Buckskin, Great Trails 2005, Gulf Ridge 2005, Puerto Rico 2005, South Florida 2005, Western Alaska 2005

    •  First Flap:  465a Yahnundasis

May  2005

  •   Finally got around to posting pictures and updates for the last several months!

  •   New pieces...

April  2005

  •   New pieces...

    •  Eagle Scout CSPs:  Central New Jersey RED border, Chief Okemos SA-2, Connecticut Yankee, Crossroads of America 2005, Greater New York SA-28, Greater Pittsburgh 2004, Gulfstream, Palmetto, Rip Van Winkle (Follow The Trail and Camp Tin Mount), Sequoyah, Three Fires 3-CSP 2005 Set

    •  Philmont pieces:  AH1a, AH1c, ADV10, AN5, AN14a, AN14c, AN15, LP9, MU1, OA27a-OA27b, RE27, TC24a-TC24o, TC64a-TC64h, TP24

March  2005

  •   New pieces...

February  2005

January  2005

  •   New pieces...

    •  Trader Bill TB CS F3

    •  Philmont pieces:  AH9, TC9, TC24b, TC29, TC50b, TC50e, TC50j, TC50l, TC50m, AN4, AN6, AN7, TP22, OA5b, OA9, OA10, OA16a, OA18, OA19, OA35, MU3c, PG23

    •  Cascade Pacific Council Camp Meriwether "Work Weekend" patch

    •  Square Merit Badges:  Agriculture, Forestry, Handicraft, Hiking, Music

    •  First CSP:  Direct Service Swaziland

    •  Eagle Scout CSPs:  Buffalo Trace S-6:2b, Sagamore

December  2004

November  2004

October  2004

  •   "Needs" fulfilled!

    •  W-1A 1999 Conclave pin

    •  First CSPs:  Direct Service Iraq, Far East T1, GNYC Brooklyn T1, Llano Estacado T1a, Pennsylvania Dutch S1

    •  First Flaps: 191b Lowwapaneu P1, 372a Mandan F1a, 420a Kaniengehaga F1a, 458a Hi-Cha-Ko-Lo F1, 492a Golden Sun F1a, 561b Penateka S1

    •  Philmont Arrowhead AH1b, Mountain Man DO9 segment

  •   New pieces...

    •  Nevada Area Council Eagle Scout 2003 CSPs

    •  RWS Modoc Area Council

September  2004

August  2004

July  2004

June  2004

May  2004

April  2004

  •   "Needs" fulfilled!

    •   253a Tsisqan 60th Anniversary 3-piece set and Vigil patch

  •   New pieces...

March  2004

  •   "Needs" fulfilled!

  •   New pieces...

    •   Eagle Scout CSPs:  Aloha, Crossroads of America 2004, French Creek 2003, GNYC Bronx, Three Fires 2003

    •   442c Wauna La-Mon'tay Eagle Valley Chapter round & backpatch, GMY

    •   RWS:  Allegheny Trails/Council/Pennsylvania, Aloha Council/Hawaii, Cascade Area/Council, Great Southwest Area/Council, Midnight Sun/Council/Alaska

February  2004

January  2004

December  2003

November  2003

October  2003

September 2003

  •   New pieces...

  •   Added numbering for some patches, per the ISCA Journal:  Set of three Cascade Pacific Council Ed Harris CSPs (SA44, 45 and 46), Bucks County SA79 Eagle Scout CSP, Simon Kenton SA95 Eagle Scout CSP.

August 2003

July 2003

  •   "Needs" fulfilled!

  •   New pieces...

    •   Camp Meriwether 2003 Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commemorative Patch Set  (flap, SAP and round)

    •   Cascade Area Council wooden nickel

    •   442c 2003 Indian Summer Patch Set

    •   Cascade Pacific Council 1997 National Jamboree JSP set, complete

    •   253a Tsisqan S14a, S19, S22, S25, S31, X5, S34, and 2003 Camp Melakwa fundraiser flap

    •   491b Lo La 'Qam Geela S8 & 2002 NOAC 2-piece set

    •   Trader Bill TB CS F2a, TB WB F2, TB AN F3, TB SPW F3

June 2003

May 2003

  •   New pieces...

    •   Eagle Scout CSPs from Bucks County, GNYC Staten Island (mini CSP), Puerto Rico 2002, Simon Kenton 2003 and West Central Florida (2003 NESA)

    •   Trader Bill FO-F3

    •   Columbia Pacific Council 1985 National Jamboree JSP

    •   Ed Harris Memorial Auction set (CSP + Flap, 200 sets made)

April 2003

March 2003

  •   New pieces...

    •   First CSPs from Black Swamp Area, Black Warrior, Blue Grass, Connecticut Rivers, Eastern Oklahoma, Flint River, Fort Steuben Area, General Greene, General Herkimer, George Rogers Clark Area, Grand Columbia, Great Rivers, Heart of Ohio, Hudson-Delaware, Jefferson Lewis, Mahoning Valley, Marin, Middle Tennessee, Mohegan, New Orleans Area, Southeast Missouri, Susquehanna, Texoma Valley and Trapper Trails

    •   First Flaps from 92a Illini, 208a Uwharrie and 288a Washita

    •   Eagle Scout CSPs from Crossroads of America (2003) and Greater Western Reserve (SA-21)

    •   Cascade Pacific Council SA-26

    •   Chenille 129b C-4

  •   Cleaned up broken links


February 2003

  •   New pieces...

    •   First Flaps from 9b Narraticong, 30b TKäen Dõd, 45b Tiwahe, 53c Midewiwin, 55a Waukheon, 58b Ah-Pace, 59d Chippanyonk, 66a Yah-Tah-Ney-Si-Kess, 68b Miquin, 81b Taleka, 82a Man-A-Hattin, 107b Apatukwe, 108c Sac-N-Fox, 128a Kickapoo, 148a Inola, 159a Ganosote, 311c Es Kaielgu, 439a Miwok, 461a Manatoanna and 477a Ah Wa Ge

    •   First CSPs from Algonquin, Blue Water, Buckskin, Camden County, Cape Fear, Capitol Area, Central Florida, Chester County, Daniel Webster, Delta Area, Denver Area, De Soto Area, Direct Service - Argentina, Direct Service - Egypt, Four Lakes, Genesee, Great Southwest Area, Heart of America, Hudson Liberty, Indian Trails, Jersey Shore, Lake Superior, Los Padres, Mid-Iowa, Old North State, Orange County, Ozarks, Rip Van Winkle, San Mateo County, Schenectady County, Silverado Area, Sinnissippi, Sunny Land, Thatcher Woods Area, Twin Valley and Two Rivers

    •   Cascade Pacific Council 2003 FOS CSP (SA-43)

    •   Columbia Pacific Council 1989 JSP

    •   2003 Central New Jersey Council Eagle Scout CSP

    •   Hiawatha Seaway Council Arrow of Light CSP

    •   W-1A items:  1965 11A Conference neckerchief slide & patch, 1966 patch, 1968 patch, 1968 patch on neckerchief

    •   442b Skyloo Nekamas Chapter X1 on neckerchief

    •   Camp Meriwether 60th Anniversary (1986) program folder

    •   Book: An Early History of Camp Meriwether, by Kenneth Wells; revised edition, 1986, for the camp's 60th Anniversary

  •   New pages:  Chenille, Philmont memorabilia and Trader Bill


January 2003

  •   New pieces...

    •   First CSPs from Aheka, Anthony Wayne Area, Boulder Dam Area, Central Alabama, Cimarron, Columbia Montour, Concho Valley, Direct Service - Indonesia, Direct Service - Kenya, Erie Shores, Great Salt Lake, GNYC-Manhattan, GNYC-Staten Island, Greenwich, Headwaters Area, Indianhead, Katahdin Area, Kaw, Lincoln Heritage, Lonesome Pine, Los Angeles Area, Midnight Sun, Mound Builders Area, Passaic Valley, Pheasant, Pioneer Trails, Puerto Rico, Pushmataha Area, Ridgewood-Glen Rock, Santa Fe Trail, Shenandoah Area, Sir William Johnson, Southeast Louisiana, Southern Sierra, Sullivan Trail, Tall Pine, Theodore Roosevelt (NY), Trails West and Wyo-Braska Area

    •   Eagle Scout CSPs:  TA-10 and TA-16 from W.D. Boyce, GNYC SA-7, GNYC-Staten Island SA-10

    •   Columbia Pacific Council 1981 National Jamboree JSP

    •   First Flaps from 55b Illini, 57c Enda Lechauhanne, 67c Black Hawk and 298b San Gorgonio

    •   259a Cole Snass Lamatai S26 death flap

    •   1980 W-1A Service Staff neckerchief

    •   Camp Billy Rice (Idaho) felt patch from the 1940's

    •   Air Scout Apprentice rank badge & card from 1947

  •   Updated my Needs list

  •   Updated the OA and CSP Checklists on the Resources page


December 2002

  •   I added links to the Resources page for the following regalia / Native American supplies companies:  Claw, Antler & Hide Company, Lone Eagle Crafts, Matoska Trading Company, Moscow Hide & Fur, Noc Bay Trading Company, Panther Primitives Inc., Primitive Originals, Sioux Trading Post, Smoke & Fire Company, The Wandering Bull, Two Bears Trading Co. and  Wakeda Trading Post

  •   I added the OA Checklists to the Resources page

  •   I added Greater New York Councils strips to the 2001 National Jamboree page.

  •   A major update to the OA Flaps page - I traded many of them away for some limited-edition Eagle Scout SAPs/CSPs.

  •   New pieces...

    •   First CSPs from Alabama-Florida, Burlington County, Caddo Area, Calcasieu Area, Central West Virginia, Chief Okemos, Firelands Area, Greater Boston, GNYC-Queens, Greater Pittsburgh, Greater Western Reserve, Iroquois, Land of the Oneidas, Lebanon County, Long Rivers, Mid-America, Mississippi Valley, Moby Dick, Mt. Whitney Area, National Capital Area, Ore-Ida, Oregon Trail, Pee Dee Area, Penn Mountains, Pike's Peak, Quivira and Rockland County

    •   Greater Pittsburgh 2002 and W.D. Boyce Eagle Scout CSPs:  TA-8, TA-10:2, TA-12, TA-14 and TA-18

    •   First Flaps from 36c Onondaga, 37a Achtu & 75b Kiskakon

    •   A Bicentennial (1976) SAP for Eagle Scouts/NESA from East Central Region


November 2002

  •   I updated the links page, including links to books and checklists, and renamed it the Resources page.

  •   The Eagle Scout CSPs page was updated to include my "needs."

  •   I updated my OA Needs page and I added the Knots page.

  •   New pieces...

    •   First CSP's from Cahokia Mound, Hawkeye Area, Piankeshaw and Piasa Bird Councils

    •   Eagle Scout CSP's from Crossroads of America, Hiawatha Seaway and Narragansett Councils

    •   1953 Area 11A (W1-A) Conference round

    •   First Flaps from 37c Ka-Ti Missi Sipi, 44a Ponopoco, 49a Suanhacky, 229c Pilthlako, 242a Chimalus, 286b Oratam, 328b Nanomihistiim, 335a Ump Quah, 379a Kaweah, 396c Neatoka, 410a Aola, 445a Pohawk and 495a Miami

    •   New Miscellaneous Items:  50th Anniversary (1965) Order of the Arrow Handbook, NESA pocket dangle and OA pocket dangle, turtle/"1915"


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James E. West Award - 2007

Den Leader Coach Award - 2002, Pack 527, Hillsboro, OregonBoy Scout Leader's Training Award - September 2004, Troop 855, Hillsboro, OregonDistrict Award of Merit, Tuality District, Cascade Pacific Council, April 2006

Eagle Scout - November 1977, Troop 240, Hillsboro, OregonAdult Religious Award - 2001Cub Scouter Award - 2001, Pack 527, Hillsboro, Oregon


Order of the Arrow, Vigil Honor, April 2005, Wauna La-Mon'tay Lodge (442), Cascade Pacific Council


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