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442a  -  Hyas Chuck Kah Sun Klatawa  (1950-1960)


442b  -  Skyloo  (1960-1994)


442c  -  Wauna La-Mon'Tay  (1994-present)


Lodge 442 is part of Section W-1S


Lodge 442, named Hyas Chuck Kah Sun Klatawa - "Great River Flowing to the West" (the Columbia River) - was first chartered in 1950.

The lodge changed its name to Skyloo - "Land of the Mountain Sun" - in 1960.

Skyloo merged with lodge 259, Cole Snass Lamatai (Lenni Lenape for "Snow Mountain Lodge," for Mt. Jefferson) in 1994, forming Wauna La-Mon'tay ("River and Mountain," referring to the Columbia River, largest in the West, and to Mount Hood, the highest mountain in Oregon).  Another translation for Wauna La-Mon'tay is that it's the name of the Spirit in the Columbia Gorge.

The three names of Lodge 442 - Hyas Chuck Kah Sun Klatawa, Skyloo, and Wauna La-Mon'tay - are in the Chinook language.  The Chinook are a large tribe in the Pacific Northwest, and much of the area's history derives from them.  The Chinook finally gained their recognition by the U.S. federal government as a Tribe in January 2000.

Cole Snass Lamatai was formed in 1944 - giving our lodge a history since then.


2000-2017 by Tim Giesbers, ISCA #1232


James E. West Award - 2007

Den Leader Coach Award - 2002, Pack 527, Hillsboro, OregonBoy Scout Leader's Training Award - September 2004, Troop 855, Hillsboro, OregonDistrict Award of Merit, Tuality District, Cascade Pacific Council, April 2006

Eagle Scout - November 1977, Troop 240, Hillsboro, OregonAdult Religious Award - 2001Cub Scouter Award - 2001, Pack 527, Hillsboro, Oregon


Order of the Arrow, Vigil Honor, April 2005, Wauna La-Mon'tay Lodge (442), Cascade Pacific Council


Last updated on Tuesday, August 8, 2017